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The Terms and Conditions listed below are up for negotiation according to each client’s specific needs.

After an article is completed (or any other type of content like an e-book), two edits are permitted without changing the topic.  For example, if an article is about "Home Decor Trends" requesting an edit to completely change the article to "Luxury Bathrooms" is not permitted, this would be considered a completely new article. If an edit is required, three additional days are permitted (after the article has been re-submitted) to review the article for any additional editing, if needed. If a second edit is required, three more days are permitted to review the article. By requesting editing of an article, it will be taken as acceptance of the article. An invoice will be sent within three days after the last edit.

If there is no response within three days after initially sending the completed article, it will be assumed that the article is accepted and an invoice will be sent.

Invoices are due within three days of the initial invoice date. If payment is not received within three days, a new invoice will be sent requesting immediate payment. No additional work will be accepted until previous work is paid. There are no exceptions. I accept payments via Paypal and Skrill.

Two rejections are allowed within a 30-day period. More than two rejections within that time annuls any future work.  

From time-to-time I may go over the requested word count. I will not ask for additional payment; however, tips are welcome.


Requests for unpaid test articles are welcome  up to 250 words.  

The price for writing requests will vary depending upon the project. However, I do charge a minimum per-word fee. Terms and conditions are negotiable

under certain conditions.

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I look forward to working with you!
Kind Regards

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