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WritingLadyBug Recap

June 8, 2022

By putting together a yearly recap of Writingladybug posts, I hope to provide visitors with a brief but informative overview of the focus of my blog. I generally select several topics at random though I'd like to think that all the content presented on this blog is engaging and motivational in some way.

So, let's get are six distinct topics I selected for your reading pleasure:

This article focuses on emerging mobile app trends and how progress in this sphere is developing at breakneck speed. Mobile app trends affects us all. Why? Because as freelancers many of us depend on our laptops for work. Now, whatever we do on our laptops must simultaneously transfer to smartphones and function flawlessly.

Topics include:

I. Mobile App Trends 2022

II. General Usage - App Categories

III. Unexpected Growth and the Future

IV. Final Thoughts


Learn a bit about NFTs and how we're slowly headed towards digital currencies.

""Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies, they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency."

Slightly complicated points are explained in a straightforward manner. Definitely worth a read.


Up to a certain age, people around the globe are familiar with the game Scrabble. It's a word game that's not only fun, but as a freelance writer, it can actually increase your word power.

This blog post goes into the history of Scrabble, and how it can help you not only increase your word power, but discover words that you probably never knew existed! I have no doubt that after reading this post, you will never look at Scrabble the same way again. There are also several links to help you get started.


You'd be surprised at how popular being a digital nomad is. This article explains the ups-and-downs of the craft.

"Being a traveling remote worker i.e. digital nomad certainly has its perks. It's a dream gig that many would love to have. Setting your own hours, when and how much you want to work, along with traveling the world is truly living your best life."

Good reading with helpful links!


"This post is about metaphysical energies and how we must sustain our "mental health" in order to maintain our bodily health. Being a freelancer is already stressful enough. Add concern for your health and you could find yourself in a continuous worrisome mindset that will affect your overall health...and not in a beneficial way. "

If you're stressed out and looking for inspiration, this article is ideal for you.


Be opened minded and give feng shui a try. Tidy up your at home office to make it work for you even when you're not working.

"The science of this magnificent art is profound. Enacted in China over 3,000 years ago, the art of feng shui is no fly-by-night philosophy. In fact, some components of this magnificent art go as far back as 6,000 years! Architectural elements like the best arrangement for furniture, doors, and staircases came later."

You will understand more about feng shui after reading this article. In addition, The article includes impressive photos. links, and steps you can take to make your home office feng shui ready!

Doing What You Like Is Freedom - Liking What You Do Is Happiness!

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