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Remote Working Is Steadily Gaining Steam-So What Are The Skills Companies Are Looking For?

September 16 , 2020

The remote working era is upon us and companies are scrambling to get their current employees on-board. At the same time, unemployed individuals and independent freelance workers, are deciding how they want to tackle the new remote working market.

From the looks of it, there are plenty of remote jobs, but only certain skills are at the top of the list. If you're a freelancer, you have probably adapted your skills to the new remote work trend already.

However, there are many in the workforce or entering the workforce, who must "up-skill" in order to gain a footing in the teleworking community.  

Unconventional telecommuting jobs such as tutorials on how to knit toe-socks or teaching bird calling techniques, are not the most sought after...but then again, times have changed. People are more creative today and are able to reach a wider audience thanks to the internet. The means of making a living have never been so eccentric and unique! 

Even so, this article is mainly about the more common and specialized occupations, and where they stand on the remote work pyramid. So, if you're thinking about jumping into the remote work pool, or if you're a freelancer and want to expand your income, I have created a list of some of the most in-demand skills for teleworking as of 2020.

In Demand Skills For Remote Work By Category

Most Common Remote Jobs

Writer, Translator, or Editor

The remote industry is flooded with writers, editors, and translators. In many instances, you can set your own price per-word or per-project, unless you use one of the many online services for writers. There may be a language preference and a request that you are a native speaker of that language.

Writing jobs include articles, copywriting, book writing, product descriptions, social media copy, and so on. The variety is endless. Having previous writing experience helps and an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) will give your applications a real boost.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in great demand. If you are a good organizer and don’t mind overseeing a variety of sometimes mundane tasks, you will probably do well at this job. It’s much like the pre-remote working days. An entry office position required the newbie to perform multiple routine tasks, acting as the company "gofer." Except now, it’s all virtual. The job requires responding to or writing emails, scheduling appointments, performing online research, etc.

Data Analyst

The task of a data analyst requires analyzing stacks of data and research to improve administrative policies for your employer. 

Assembling and classifying data, detecting leading trends, and condensing the data into relatable content are tasks incorporated with the job. You’ll need to interpret statistics, possess business acumen, and be proficient in data visualization tools like Python, R, and Tableau. Most jobs pay per-project.


Teaching is highly manageable remotely. Whether working for a company, private person, or yourself, plenty of online teaching jobs are available. Teach through your blog, Youtube, Zoom, or any number of communication apps.

Website Developer & Graphic Designer

Training will be required for website developer and graphic designer jobs. Luckily, where your training takes place is not of the utmost importance. Polished skills and a well put together portfolio are. This job can be easily performed remotely. And seeing that just about every business - whether commercial or private - requires a website these days, there's no shortage of opportunities. Self marketing will determine the outcome of your job search.


An outbound sales remote position is a telecommuting job that requires no in-office attendance. Previously, outside sales jobs may have required a bit of travel. With the internet, workers in sales positions can easily travel around the world in a matter of seconds. The reach is infinite. Common sales jobs include sales manager, sales rep, customer sales, and more.

Other common remote jobs include customer service and management, and data entry/coding/transcription jobs among others. 

More Specialized

Video Making and Editing

It goes without saying that video making and editing skills are highly sought after by companies and individual entrepreneurs. Though filming may demand some travel, editing can be completed from home or any other remote space. Required experience may include using a professional camera, software to edit footage, knowledge of cinematography and more. These skills will take some prior training.


A medley of designing jobs are available for remote workers in the industry. Everything from graphic designers to UI/UX experts are in demand. Task may include creating brochures and logos, website layouts, etc. A keen understanding of various software like Photoshop along with a natural talent for aesthetics will be required.

Digital Marketer

A degree in marketing or integrated marketing communications may be required for this remote position. Digital marketers handle things like brand visibility to boost a company's audience. Social media also plays a big part with this job including creating strategies to make company websites more user friendly, researching and analyzing competitor’s data, and so on.

Medical Billing & Coding

Medical billing & coding involves transforming doctors’ notes into billing codes that enable healthcare providers to expedite insurance disbursements. The job establishes safeguards to make certain that insurance companies process outlays in accordance with medical billing procedures. Most companies require a diploma, certificate, associates degree, and/or industry certification in the trade.

Other more specialized remote jobs include translations, android/iOS developer, teaching and tutoring jobs, and accountant.

Highly Specialized

Software Engineer

The software engineer's job requires programming skills for developing websites, apps, and other groundbreaking products. Knowledge of programming languages like SQL, Java, C++, and others are a must. A computer science undergraduate degree and expertise at coding may be required.

Data Scientist

If you take pleasure in analyzing data, you will find data science a job that you can really get your mind into. Businesses, particularly those online, handle tons of data that they must anatomize and use for the advantage of their company. A data scientist job functions similar to social media or your favorite shopping site. They scrutinize your click habits and formulate criterion derived from that. An undergraduate degree for this position is not required; however, skills like statistics, programming, and an understanding of the world of business are essential.

Business Development Managers

This job is simplistic by definition but requires visualization and an acute sense of business trends. A business development manager basically searches for new business prospect for their employer. Task may include approaching potential business partners via presentations, negotiating incoming strategies for proposals, analyzing sales potentialities and more. Companies may require a bachelor’s in business administration or management, finance, marketing, accounting, communication or another affiliated field. 

Other highly specialized jobs that can be performed remotely include speech language pathologist, client services director, nurse practitioner, and senior research project manager.

Final Thoughts

Remote working is the latest development in work innovation. It may appear formidable, but only if you're not prepared. If you have an internet connection, you've already made an important step. Now, it's time to research and determine where you can put your skills to work. There are many new possibilities on the horizon. 

Did you find this article helpful? Leave your feedback in the comment section.