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Is Your Freelance Writing Resume Effective - And Do You Really Need One?

Nov 9, 2022

With the advancement of AI technology, many of you may wonder whether writers will be needed at all. Things are changing fast. So fast in fact, that there's barely enough time to re-think your freelance writing career options.

A previous blog post I wrote titled Freelance Writers vs Bloggers...What's the Difference and Will Writing Software Replace Them Both? delves into the possible consequences of new technology that could very well put freelance writers out of business! Nonetheless, I don't think we will suffer such a fate. Read the article and find out why.

Even so, from time-to-time we should take inventory of where we are in our writing career and make any critical adjustments. One area I discovered that probably needs the most modifications are resumes. Do we really need them, especially if you have your own website/blog? Do potential clients today really ask for them? I find that in most cases, businesses and private individuals request writing samples not a resume. Which is fine by me...I have plenty of samples!

What Others Are Saying About Freelance Writing Resumes

I am pretty much in agreement with the author of the article How Freelance Writers Can Create a Killer Resume.

"I don’t think a resume is important for writers anymore.

Before you run around the room screaming and tearing your hair, let me explain why.

-I don’t believe anyone actually reads resumes anymore. I’ll send my resume out on job ads that say a resume is an absolute requirement. Otherwise, I’d never think to include it in my pitches or marketing to prospective clients. I believe even the job-ad posters skip right over the resume and look at your pitch or your clips, anyway.

-Resumes are boring. Seriously. “Joe freelanced for Modern Refrigeration Magazine from 2002-2009″…zzzzz. Is that really putting you in the best light?

-Resumes don’t tell much about how good of a writer you are. You might have worked as a staff writer somewhere for years, where you were always considered the weak link in the writing team.

-Increasingly, markets don’t care about your track record. If you’ve got a couple of solid clip links you can email, you’re good, especially with online markets. Many editors and marketing managers don’t have time to study your entire career — they read a couple clips and decide you’re good for it.

In the future, both resumes and bios look to be headed for the scrap heap. New, cooler ways of acquainting people with what we do are emerging."

The entire article is well-worth the read.

An Opposing View

On the website the writer provides an opposing viewpoint about the importance of resumes. They believe that resumes are essential for landing writing gigs. Here's a bit of what they have to say on the topic:

"Whichever way you slice it, the struggle of finding dependable freelance writing work is real.

You might have to take low-paying writing gigs on Upwork or Fiverr until you “build your skills”.

Counter advice like “Zzzz! No one reads your resume” - isn’t uncommon to hear either.

But often Marketing Managers and Publications ask you for your resume.

And, in a world where even Richard Morgan uses a resume, you should take freelance writer resume a lot more seriously!"


Of course, I'm not in full agreement with the second writer's opinion.

On-the-other-hand , it's worth including it in this blog post as some of you may find keeping your writing resume up-to-scratch is well worth it. It all depends on what the majority of your potential ask for.

I found that many potential clients today simply ask for writing samples and call it a day.

If you're interested in reviving your freelance writing resume provides interesting resume templates along with an informative guide to get you started.


Of course it's completely up to you whether you want to continue go the resume route when looking for freelance writing work. I think much depends on the type of clients you are looking for. But hey, do what works best for you.

Do You Think Writing Resumes Are Still Relevant Today?

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