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How To Create Feng Shui In Your Home Office And Prosper

September 16, 2021

The Feng Shui concept is about minimalistic appeal manifested by a

variety of textures, shapes, and colors that enrich the ambiance

of any space including offices

Unsurprisingly, there are a plethora of people just like yourself, who look to feng shui to enhance their lives, especially their work life. This ancient art (I call it metaphysical decorating) is simple but complex. It’s more than placing a chair in the corner of a room. In feng shui, where you place your furnishings and other possessions influences every aspect of your life.

The science of this magnificent art is profound. Enacted in China over 3,000 years ago, the art of feng shui is no fly-by-night philosophy. In fact, some components of this magnificent art go as far back as 6,000 years! Architectural elements like the best arrangement for furniture, doors, and staircases came later.

Everything from simple suggestions such as which color desk influences your work habits best and where to place a houseplant, to more precise conceptions by using a Bagua, can help you manifest tranquility and prosperity in your life according to the science of feng shui.

The octagon shaped bagua is a key instrument for interpreting the chia (energy) of interior and exterior spaces. The center of the bagua (the two inverted commas) depicts the image of yin and yang. Though the basic shape of the bagua stays the same, you will find this somewhat

enigmatic design shown in a variety of colors and textures.

Just a reminder: if you have visions of a new age hippie styled office décor with beaded curtains and tie-dyed wall hangings, well, your imagination may be a bit too fanciful as far as home offices are concerned. Though those objects could possibly fit into feng shui principles in another part of your home, in most instances, “less is more” and subtlety is the transcendent course of action when it comes to home office decor. The goal is to create a home office with a more relaxed and melodious environment that will inspire and help you maintain peak performance.

Why You Should Feng Shui Your Home Office

Until now, you’ve probably imagined an office as a place to simply plunk down and perform your assigned tasks for the day. But it’s much more than that. In your office space, you are creating a certain energy that will heavily influence your income. Everything from where and how you position your desk to the color of your walls have an impact. Whether your office is at home or in another building, there are ways you can make it metaphysically significant to your aspirations. If you’ve been treating your office space like a storage room with dusty plants hanging on for dear life, it’s time to make changes.

Due to recent changes in remote work statistics, it's more important than ever to create a home office with the most fundamental feng shui characteristics. These particulars play a quintessential role in building and nurturing your financial health.

For example, clutter is a definite no-no. When the flow of energy around you becomes static by clutter on top of your desk, in a doorway, or corridor, it is more difficult to get in and out of that space, thereby creating an antagonistic environment. Inimical settings can cause financial troubles, maladies, inharmonious relationships and more according to feng shui teachings.

Which desk do you think is more in balance with feng shui principles?

Applying Feng Shui Principles to Your Office

Now that you have an idea about feng shui fundamentals, you are probably wondering where to place your office desk and whether facing east makes you less efficient. There’s no need to panic. Just stick to the basics (as described in the six key steps below) - to start - and you will be fine.

Keep in mind, the “natural law” of feng shui is based on the principles of yin and yang. The yin-yang symbol is frequently placed in the center of the bagua. The symbol looks similar to two inverted apostrophes or commas like the image below.

Yin Yang Image

The metaphor of the symbol is that feminine (yin-subconscious development) and masculine (yang-conscious action) must harmonize and be proportionally energized with congruous motions in order to live a happy and contented life.

Six Steps To Make Your Home Office Feng Shui Ready

A well fitted feng shui home office will inspire you. Your ideals will become more tangible and your progress more appreciable.

Follow some or all of the six tips below to get your home office feng shui ready:

1. Get Rid of It!

Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is essential in order to balance your life feng shui style. I’ve seen my fair share of cluttered spaces and just looking at them makes my hair stand on end. Now I would remind you, a collage of beautiful photos is not clutter, but dusty bottles placed in a window sill is! Do yourself a favor, and muster up the courage to clear your mind for more inspirational pursuits by clearing away the clutter in your home office and/or other areas of your home..

2. Illuminate the Feng Shui Way

Make sure your home office has adequate lighting. The proper illumination will keep you motivated while working. Lighting plays an important role in the career sector. A lovely pendant light, strategically placed task light, or chandelier will help keep your bright ideas shining.

3. Go Green

Plants shift the beauty of nature from the exterior to the interior. What's more, plants create positive energy, freshens the air, and impacts the financial sector of your life. When using the bagua map, place a healthy plant (or fresh flowers) in the money section of your home office space. Keep your plants dust free and healthy. If you’re not a plant person, start with something easy. Air Plants and Tillandsias are non-fussy and flourish even without dirt. Philodendrons are low maintenance plants as well.

4. Ergonomic Furnishing

How and where you place your desk is essential. Desks should be situated in the “authoritative” or “leadership” position where you can easily view the scope of your office area when seated. Placing your desk chair as far away as possible from your office entrance elicits more power. Sitting too close to your office entryway will cause unnecessary distractions.

Sitting with your back to your office door may attract “unwelcome” surprises and attacks. Back-to-back or face-to-face sitting positions, if your freelance work places you in an office with others, is a no-no as this position can generate animosity.

Sharp edges can provoke an atmosphere of anxiety and irritability. If your desk has sharp edges, soften them with a diversion like plants or an accent piece like a cushioned chair. Placing furniture against the wall is forbidden in feng shui. If you have an additional chair in your office, allow some space between your furniture and the wall to keep the energy flowing smoothly.

Place a mirror at the end of the hallway (if there is one) that leads to your office to create a feeling of expansion and infinity. Who wants to feel that life is a dead-end?

5. Take-In the Freshness of Distinctive Accents and Color

Ever wonder why you're so irritated when entering your office? It might be that bright green wall and fluorescent lights! Take advantage of neutral shades and soft textures. Avoid bright red walls adorned with orange macramé unless you’re an interior design genius! Use bold colors only as accents. Create a composed tranquil setting.

Inundate your office with representations and fixtures that impart pleasant feelings and inspirational thoughts. Create a constant reminder of your goals with images and motivating words. Add plants with rounded edges and a vase of lovely flowers. Choose pleasant textures for furnishings.

6. Thou Shalt Maintain Thy Office

To put it bluntly: maintain an orderly office! Yes, that means keeping your desk dust free and your work papers neat. Well, as neat as possible. Cleanliness and orderliness are curative for inner and outer harmony. The chi (or energy) of your office is crucial for a healthy home work environment. And that's what you need in order to feel dynamic and productive.

Are You Ready?

Feng Shui is designed around harmonizing and balancing the energies in your life. The goal is to take those unseen stimulating forces and manifest them into tangible form in order to gain more control of your destiny.

Still, some of you may view feng shui as some type of hermetic ritual with no real significance. Still, if you delve into the aesthetic appeal of this ancient art, you will find it most rewarding. The more you understand, the more you want to know about it. But you'll have to apply yourself to get the benefits. Good Luck! Oh, and by the way, a strategically placed jade plant will help in the luck department!

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