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Have Your Freelance Work Ambitions Changed In 2023 ?

Feb 6, 2023

Have you found it necessary to change your freelancing ambitions? Have your ambitions increased, decreased, or remained the same? Are you still doing the same job or have you switched to something more interesting, less stressful, or for more money? What's happening for you in 2023?

Rumor has it that things have dramatically changed in the job market and it appears that those changes are in favor of freelancers. What lies ahead for the world of freelancing is encouraging. According to the freelance site Fiverr "78% of companies will rely on freelancing in 2023 rather than add staff." Companies are finding it more economical (even more so than before) to hire freelancers for certain jobs (both long and short term) or specified projects. In addition, this approach is much more cost effective than hiring a full-time staff.

Trends For Freelancers In 2023

There's plenty to cover but I decided to start with the skillsets in demand for freelancing jobs in 2023. After all, if you have no skills you can't pay the bills. It will be nearly impossible to acquire work.

The article These Are The Top Skills You Will Need As A Freelancer In 2023 includes the following list. In order to view the entire list click the article title:



Social Media Marketing

Other Digital Marketing

Lead Generation

Sales & Business Development


Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation


Full Stack Development

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Mobile App Development

Web Design

Ecommerce Website Development

UX/UI Design

CMS Development

Manual Testing

Scripting & Automation


Graphic Design

Video Editing


3D Animation

Presentation Design

Image Editing

Cartoons & Comics

Product & Industrial Design

2D Animation

Video Production

Even though freelance writing is not mentioned in the above list nor on the additional list in the article, we can assume that writing is required for most of the above mentioned tasks. Therefore, there's always room for freelance writers in one form or another.

Future Of Freelancing

The future of freelancing is exciting. Even more so due to global work trends undeniably leaning towards hiring freelancers over permanent employees. If you have the drive, patience, and know-how, freelancing is a great alternative that affords you more freedom while earning money. It's the closest thing to being your own boss.

Several key points are made in the write-up Future of Freelancing: Global Trends For The Upcoming Decade .

The author of the article believes that the future of freelancing will follow these four (4) trends:

1. Growing preference levels for independents among employers

2. Expansion of freelancing into new industries

3. Multiplication of purpose-built products for freelancers

4. Greater legislative support and social protections

My own research reveals that the four trends mentioned have been in action for at least five years or more. The difference is that now they're even more pronounced due to the growing number of freelancers and skills on the market today.

If you are a freelancer or considering joining the gig economy, and want to brush up on your skills, there are a number of things you can do to get yourself in the running and take your freelance ambitions to the next level. For example, take an online course (there are free online courses for a variety of skillsets) and spice up your credentials for your resume or blog.

Or, how about learning an entirely new skill? If you already have experience in the freelancing world, you'll probably grasp onto new skills rather quickly. For instance, if you are a graphic designer video editing might interest you. Hey, it's your call to make! That's one of the joys of freelancing....there are so many alternatives.

If you are new to freelancing, the How to Start Freelancing - 2023 Guide will help you get your footing into the world of freelancing 2023. Good Luck...!!!

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