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Freelancing and the New World Order

October 16, 2020

You've probably noticed how dramatically the world is changing. This transformation has been described as “The New World Order.” In this new world, many people envision limited freedoms, a one world currency, diminished privacy, continuous wars, and unadulterated chaos around the globe. For example, the writer of the article The Hunger Games: A Glimpse at the Future? offers a grim view of our future existence.

In so many words, the author states that "we are headed for a dystopian future where the poor and wretched masses live under the high tech tyranny of a wealthy elite."

So, how do you - as a freelancer - fit into all of this? One thing is for sure, as a freelancer or remote worker, you are better prepared than most for the unavoidable changing work conditions taking place on a global scale.

You've already adjusted to a certain amount of independence from the corporate structure and you've taken on many technological challenges the most people aren't even aware of!

The Peril of the Masses

When we observe world events, in all likelihood we have our own perspective about what the future holds. In most cases, our concerns are centered around basic survival for food, clothing, and shelter. Of course, these are necessities, but what about our work life? How will people earn their keep to acquire food, clothing, and shelter?

A totally new work structure is emerging as technology replace humans with automatons at every turn.

The developing technology leaves a broad gateway for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Individuals or groups with transforming ideas and state-of-the-art commodities, services, and business paradigms, will take the lead in the world to come.

Numerous experts argue that present-day advances in technology have formulated a progressively unified international agora for industry and capital. Unfortunately, for most first-world nations, the benefit for 9-5 workers i.e. the masses is minimal. The greatest amount of advantages go to countries with low-wage workers and cut-rate capital. With technology, the assembling of various devices and their components takes unending labor and companies must remain competitive to make a profit and satisfy their shareholders.

As a freelancer, you are less likely to be caught unawares by the developing occupational structure, as you've become accustomed to utilizing technology for your work needs. Many people haven't. In fact, many people have no clue about the changes taking place all around them!

Freelancers Have the Advantage

Luckily, the emergence of technology alongside existent sources and capital is bringing about new means of making a living. If you are ingenious, disciplined, and enterprising, you have a better chance of surviving the New World Order that's on the horizon. People who are afraid of getting their feet wet may find themselves without any or very few job prospects.

Time-honored work structures are being dismantled as companies broaden their labor force by enlisting an abundant number of freelancers and unconventional wage earners. Freelance workers have become indispensable!

Businesses are cutting costs and hiring freelancers has become the go-to solution. This gives companies access to a broader workforce and freelancers a broader range of companies i.e clients to work with. Another benefit is that location -in most cases- is no longer an issue thanks to the internet.

In the New World Order, the future will be drafted by critical thinkers, individuals with insight, and those with a keen ability to cognize the world around them. The world today is prime for freelancers and the challenges of tomorrow will offer endless possibilities.

Final Thoughts

The world is undoubtedly headed in a new direction. This direction is frequently termed the New World Order. Let's hope that this "new order" is, well, "orderly" and based on the premise of "goodwill to all." Leaving us a better world despite the fears for tomorrow.

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