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  • DebD

Freelance Writing - 2023

September 9, 2022

Many freelance writers are questioning what the future holds for them in 2023. It seems that the entire world is trying to find a new way. A new perspective. A new beginning. This can be a good thing...if you look at things in a positive way.

Many freelancer writers, alongside other freelancers, felt the instinct to be extremely careful about their work priorities more so than at any other time during the last couple of years. Well-established freelancers more than likely, were able to keep a steady flow of clients, but for those who have been in the freelance market for a short time, things may have not gone the way they'd hoped. Nonetheless, all is not lost!

There Is Hope

In a thread titled Is Freelancing Worth It In 2023 on the social question-and-answer site QUORA, site members wrote inspiring comments about freelance writing and 2023.

"Freelancing is always better for a serious career minded individual. It allows for changing projects, which reduces burnout. The money can often be much better, especially if working at home, as there are fewer expenses, and the ability to work the schedule that works best for the individual. So is it worth it, yes, regardless of the year, but only if the freelancer is serious, and qualified for their chosen field. "

Another poster commented

"As a full time freelancer you don’t have any scope of growth unless :

1. You make good money from there and start investing it for your future. I am a freelancer and had set up my own creative agency from there.

2. You make some really good clients that can lead you to fame and more real time work.

So the future lies within you on how you take freelancing. If you just want to make money for your living the best suggestion is to do a job as it’s more secure but if you want to create your own future do freelancing and follow your dreams, You will surely succeed."

Someone else wrote:

"Freelancing and Remote work is the future of work. It has been growing massively over the past few years and will be a big boom in the next years. There are people who are tired of 9–5 seat-glued jobs and want to find ways to work from home while spending their time with family and friends too. Freelancing is good way to start your career as a college student to have some practical work experience and implement your acquired knowledge in real life. It's an absolute worthy gig for 2023."

Another question asked was is it safe to become a freelancer in 2023? A Quora member replied:

"Yes, becoming a freelancer will be safe in 2023. In fact, there are many opportunities available for freelance professionals who are looking to make some extra money. Here are just a few examples: You can start your own business and offer your services outsource-style or through an online platform like UpWork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc

You can also join forces with others who have similar skills and work on projects together as a team of freelancers. This is often referred to as co-working or remote working, and it has become increasingly popular over the past few years because it allows you to work from anywhere in the world without having to live close by.

Freelancing offers flexibility and independence, which makes it perfect for people who want to take control of their lives and careers by choosing when, where, and how they work. So don't wait – get started today!"

I agree with the above comments seeing that they are generally positive and beneficial . It's a bonus to find like-minded individuals with a positive outlook to keep your mojo going.

In addition, according to the article 3 Brand New Ways to Find Online Writing Gigs in 2023 things are looking up:

"The truth is that, in 2023, more businesses are springing up online and need writers – and there are not enough writers for all of these new online businesses."

The article writer also provides links to online writing gig sites. I haven't used any of them myself; however, they may be worth checking out. Personally, I prefer to stay away from sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and those of that ilk because you usually have to bid for jobs and the pay is low.

There will always be someone to outbid you no matter the fee you charge. Which means that you will start to "lower your prices" just to get work. Still, I've read stories of people who are doing well on these types of freelance gig sites. It's best to visit the sites and judge for yourself.

This freelance writing event may be worth looking into as well, if you're in the U.S. FREELANCE WRITERS APPRECIATION WEEK FEB 6-12, 2023


If you are an established freelance writer, a beginner, or somewhere in between, after reading this blog post, I hope that you go away with more knowledge about your freelance writing prospects for 2023.

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Continue the discussion by leaving a comment below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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