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Free Grammar Apps - Do You Use Them?

May 7, 2021

Grammar checking apps have become more popular. Even professional writers are using them from time-to-time. Even so, it's best to get something out in the open right now. Grammar apps cannot replace the human touch. The creativity, ingenuity, and insight required to put pen-to-paper, so to speak, cannot be duplicated by technology. Nonetheless, these types of apps do come in handy.

I am putting novice writers on notice that using grammar apps will not open doors for you. There's no guarantee that syntax correcting apps will make you a "better" writer...that comes with experience.

However, as your writing develops, you should create your own individual style "within the formalities" of traditional grammar do's-and-don'ts.

Online Grammar Checkers

I discovered a few websites with a list of The Best/Most Popular Online Grammar Checkers. They all list roughly the same apps. Nevertheless, I did find a site that lists a rather unknown grammar checker. IMHO...this particular app is the most practical and offers an abundance of features.

The grammar checking site is Besides checking grammar, the site also provides features like word count, target structures, essay scoring, punctuation, and more. Plus, it's free!

Even so, for variety's sake, here is a list of 10 Top Online Grammar Checking Tools (in no particular order) based on the data from a variety of websites. The sites used are listed at the end of this article.

10 Top Online Grammar Checking Tools

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid provides quality grammar and style checking with additional features that assist both beginners and experienced writers to strengthen their writing skills.

Offers free and paid versions.


  • Spelling and grammar check software.

  • Mac and Windows support

  • Checks for consistencies in spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

  • More writing reports than any other tool.

  • Suggestions that improve words power and clarity.

  • Checks for plagiarism.

2. Grammarly

Get corrections from Grammarly while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your other favorite sites. Grammarly offers a free Chrome browser add-on along with free and paid premium plan versions.


  • Easy-to-use spelling and grammar checker.

  • A robust algorithm that thoroughly scans your writing errors.

  • Provide specific suggestions based on the context of your writing.

  • Plagiarism detector with the paid version.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

  • Exceptional user interface.

3. Ginger Online

Ginger Software is a grammar and spell checking tool that helps users increase their writing speed and improve grammar. Offers free and premium plans.


  • Proven software for spelling and grammar error checks.

  • Excels at proofreading your text as you type.

  • Rephrases sentences to improve style.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

  • Translations in over 60 languages.

  • Personalized practice sessions based on your own writing.

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a grammar tool that provides quality grammar checking features. The grammar checker corrects elementary spelling errors and also provides features for word replacements in order to enhance writing styles, punctuation errors, and more.


  • AI technology and natural language processing techniques.

  • Expert grammar correction and punctuation checker services.

  • Editing for correction of sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling errors.

  • Anti-plagiarism tool + Thesaurus.

  • Translation services to 55 languages.

  • Simple clutter-free user interface.

5. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is unique in that it's not an actual grammatical checker. The app examines the general readability of your writing and focuses on making your writing more distinct and textual.


  • Writing style checker.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

  • Primarily focuses on improving the overall readability of any text.

  • Examines every text and rates it by grade level.

  • Incorporated Automated Readability Index technology.

  • Can be used both online and offline.


Writer is an app that specifically targets professionals. This includes companies, HR departments, marketing teams, sales teams, etc. There is a free 14 day trial, a starter plan for single users, and a monthly price for companies.


  • Grammar and spelling checker plus compliance, plain language, plagiarism, and inclusivity checker.

  • Configure content suggestions to your brand voice.

  • Define and consistently use terms and phrases that set your brand apart from the competition.

  • Consistently apply key messaging and ensure no one bungles your elevator pitch, value propositions, or mission statement again.

  • Customize your brand-specific content rules to correct edits you’re making over and over.

  • Use the Style guide portal to organize and share your brand guidelines in one place, for easy updating and sharing.

7. LanguageTool

The LanguageTool creators went a step further by adding aesthetics to their app presentation. Corrections are highlighted in an array of pastel colors like pink, blue, and yellow. In addition, LanguageTool offers grammar checks in multiple languages like German, French, and Spanish - 20 different languages in all.


  • Proofreading tool with an easy-to-use, spell, and grammar checker.

  • Corrects grammar errors in multiple languages

  • Proofreading engine of more than 1,700 patterns for error detection.

  • Translation for over 20 languages.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

  • Ability to detect mistakes that other similar platforms fail to identify.

8. PaperRater

PaperRater is great for students of all grade levels whether high school or university. The app has spelling and grammar checking features. It also compares students' writing amongst their peers.


  • Cloud-based spelling and grammar checker software.

  • Offers feedback and writing instructions.

  • Integrated plagiarism detection service with Originality Score.

  • Perfect for students.

  • Immediate analyses and comparison with other students at the same education level.

9. Scribens

Scribens uses a sophisticated writing algorithm to check over 250 types of grammar, spelling, and aesthetic errors along with pronouns, homonyms, conjunctions, etc. The app also balances stylistic composition such as run-on sentences, redundancies, and more. And it's free!


  • Reliable grammar checker tool.

  • Can correct over 250 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Offers explanations to help the writer improve his or her English writing skills.

  • Utilizes an advanced syntactical recognition algorithm.

  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

10. Slick Write

Slick Write is an extremely competent free online grammar tool for correcting grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors. It’s a go-to grammar tool for students, bloggers, SEO professionals, and anyone who takes pleasure in writing.


  • Quickly lookup a word in dictionaries, thesaurus, on Google and Wikipedia.

  • Identify paragraphs with the least variety.

  • Word Associator to find contextual word associations.

  • Customizable settings to suit your writing style.

  • Detailed statistics on readability score, reading time, word count, etc.


There are quite a few online grammar checking software options, so make certain that you choose a syntax corrector that suits your needs by doing your own research. Keep in mind, that if you're a novice writer, perhaps selecting a simple free app in the beginning would be best. This would give you the opportunity to get the hang of using this type of tool before signing up for any paid versions.

As I mentioned previously, hold to the thought that grammar checking apps will not make you a great writer, but they will help you learn about traditional formalities that come with writing well. Take those conventional procedures and develop your own style.

Links for information used in the article: and

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