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As A Freelancer Are You Getting The Most From Your Currency When Billing Clients?

November 11, 2021

The world currency situation has changed considerably since my last posts titled Keeping Your Head Above Water On A Freelancer's Budget and As A Freelancer Do You Have Access To The World's Most Stable Currencies? This post is a spinoff of sorts from the two posts mentioned as they deal with finances and how freelancers can manage their earnings on an international scale.

Freelancer's Digest On Currencies and Getting Paid

I've linked to five articles that provide invaluable information on steps freelancers can take to receive and secure payments and how to go about managing currencies in order to receive the best rate for their work.

The article How to Receive International Payments as a Freelancer provides valuable tips about receiving payments when working-from-home. Various headlines within the article focus on receiving international payments and its challenges, choosing a payment provider, international payment solutions, and more.

Cross-Currency Billing When Freelancing For International Clients is another piece focusing on freelancers and how to take the stress out of multi-currency invoicing. The article goes into detail on what cross-currency billing is, the options for cross-currency billing, whether it is right for you and more. Definitely worth a read.

Another interesting article is 7 Ways to Get Paid as a Freelancer-2021. Of course, the information will be useful way past 2021. The year 2022 is right around the corner and there's plenty of good info to take with you into the new year. The article content is mainly focused on various payment methods most beneficial for freelancers.

Each option is broken down into great detail; thereby, making it easier to come to a decision most suitable for each individual's freelance situation.

How to Pay Yourself When You're a Freelancer is an informative article that helps freelancers understand the best way to classify yourself, business checking accounts, and paying yourself and other goodies!

Highest Currencies In The World

Knowing how much your currency is worth in today's numbers in comparison to other currencies, is imperative when deciding which currency to work and get paid in. Highest Currencies in the World 2022 articulates where your currency (the currency of your location) stands on the world market.