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Do You Want To Know More About The Future Of Remote Work - Then Read This!

October 19, 2021

It's obvious that there has been an upsurge in remote work around the world . In fact, not only is telecommuting on the rise, but many insiders forecast that the work-from-home trend is here to stay.

Still, the work-from-home movement is probably not exactly what employers were anticipating, especially compared to the last 18 months. Most companies and their employees were snuggled in a traditional office setting. Work schedules that included remote work arrangements were a rare occurrence. Perhaps a staff member worked from home over the weekend, but this was usually the exception and not the rule.

Then the pandemic came along and working conditions were abruptly modified with little room for negotiations. The situation became a priority and had to be dealt with immediately.

As if overnight, remote working has become an unmitigated gamechanger for businesses across the globe. Long-term work-from-home (WFH) arrangements suddenly became mandatory.

Today, permanent flexible remote options are being offered to offset the needs of employers and their employees.

This is especially evident when it comes to business executives wrestling with the momentous task of rearranging their company in tandem with pointing workforces in a new direction.

This is not a bad thing in itself as companies are able to incorporate new and better ideas to move forward. The entire concept of what it means to be an employer and maintaining a workforce outside of the traditional four walls, has finally effected companies directly with little room to wiggle.

Businesses are in a better position to shift their focus toward development and productivity like never before. As a matter of fact, research reveals that progress of remote and hybrid work is nearly unlimited.

Future Predictions For Remote Work

According to reputable sites like Whereby and Lakesidesoftware:

1. Remote Work Ain't Going Nowhere

Lakesidesoftware says: "As businesses look to the future, remote work is increasingly becoming part of the plan.

Many big-name companies around the world — including Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Twitter, Facebook, REI, Fujitsu, Shopify, Siemens, and Revolut — have already announced that some form of remote work will be an option for workers going forward."

Whereby says: "Here’s the first truth that employers and employees alike need to wrap their heads around: remote work won’t disappear as we move toward a post-pandemic way of life.

Though it may not remain at the same level it reached during the peak of shutdowns, it will remain a prevalent and popular work arrangement."

2. It's Productivity and Proper Training That Counts

Lakesidesoftware says: "Surveys and studies indicate promising productivity potential with remote and hybrid work. A January 2021 PwC US Remote Work Survey, for instance, reports a third (34%) of employees and nearly half (52%) of employers believe productivity has improved over prolonged working from home during the pandemic.

Whereby says: "Remote working isn’t a passing fad. Companies who might’ve seen it as a temporary hiccup or hurdle are realizing that it’s something they need to permanently embrace.

On a similar note, companies will also invest in adequate training for managers and people leaders who are heading up distributed teams and departments.

In one Harvard Business Review survey, 40% of managers and supervisors admitted they had low confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely and another 41% said they worried about how they’d keep remote team members motivated. Yet, only 24% of companies teach their managers how to support remote teams.

3. Utilizing The Right Tools For Remote Workers Is Key

Lakesidesoftware says: "By using digital experience monitoring/management and gathering metrics directly from endpoints, organizations will have a far better view of user environments and can better understand remote work experience from employees’ point of view.

And while DEM is a critical function to monitor day-to-day operations, it’s also essential for establishing a proactive approach to IT support and allowing organizations to successfully transform digital environments with new technology and other innovations."

Whereby says: "When 77% of employees say they’re frustrated with outdated technology at work, that all starts with securing the right tools to empower their teams to seamlessly communicate and collaborate – both asynchronously and in real-time.

From project management platforms and goal dashboards to instant messaging tools and virtual meeting solutions , we’re sure we’ll see companies no longer content to make do with clunky workarounds and inefficient processes and instead set up tech-savvy systems that are remote-first friendly.

As remote work becomes the norm, leaders will need to be equipped with the right tools and know-how to handle remote onboarding and then manage, motivate, and monitor their direct reports successfully.

My Opinion

I agree with the above opinions from both websites. Oh, by the way, there are a multitude of credible sources providing valuable information on the topic of remote work. I selected these two sites because their content is straightforward which makes it easy to digest.

There are many variables companies must take into account when it comes to remote work. For example, a remote employee's WiFi setup. Can it handle the demands of the various tech tools required to perform company tasks from home?

Is the employer footing the bill? For instance, will the teleworker be required to use their own computer or will a new computer be supplied by the employer? Though working-from-home is not a new concept, it's never been executed the way it is today. The tech involved will make extensive demands on a worker's at home workstation.

This article offers good tips about important remote working tools for a home office: The 27 Best Remote Working Tools You Simply Need In 2021.

The typical home computer can't handle all the downloads, uploads, chat software, message boards, scheduling apps, etc needed to work efficiently. The article: The Old Way Of Handing Out Corporate Hardware Doesn't Work Anymore provides interesting insights on this topic.

Sometimes remote employees may feel as though they're being "spied on." Let's face it, with all the tech software required to run an essential home office today, employers have to utilize tools that, well, seem a bit intrusive.

In order to monitor teleworkers properly, employers may employ tools to track a remote worker's activity like when they take a break, how long, and email messages sent-and-received during working hours.

Employers may also utilize productivity tools....which is understandable...along with remote data retrieval apps, an app to analyze metrics to evaluate how individual employees and/or teams compare with one another .

Let's not forget the ability to filter and block employee web content i.e. web surfing, monitor file activity, and detect portable drives. Basically, if you're not "your own boss" you'll have Big Brother....oops....I mean a virtual boss watching over you.

You simply have to:

Have a good one!

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