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A Recap Of 5 Previous Posts

July 14, 2021

Hello Everyone. It's the middle of the year, so I decided in this blog post to provide a glimpse and links to 5 of my posts that I believe are the most relevant in today's climate.

Keeping Your Head Above Water On A Freelancer's Budget

It doesn't matter how much you earn because in most instances, as a freelancer, your money usually comes in waves. One month you're making a certain amount, the next month or week it's another. Sometimes your income is substantial for a few months suddenly followed by a huge dip in revenue.

Topics include:

1. Know When Your Money Usually Arrives

2. Pay Yourself and uhm...Your Taxes

3. Business Expenses

4. Keep Rates Current


Complementary to the above article: As A Freelancer Do You Have Access To The World's Most Stable Currencies?

Payments can get quite messy dealing with conversion fees. The value of your currency against the currency you are paid in doesn't always balance out. After all the equations are worked out, you may feel you are not being paid what you're worth.

Topics include:

The Ten Most Stable Currencies In The World Plus 3 - 2021

This post includes the most stable currencies in the world to better help freelancers/self-employed individuals manage their money better.


Even Before the Pandemic Freelancers Were Ahead of the Times

Let's face it, who would have guessed that freelancing and working-from-home would become so popular; even mandated in some places since recent events. Many freelancers even feel as if they have some type of sixth sense or something. I guess freelancers ARE ahead of the times.

Topics Include:

The Differences Between a Freelancer and Remote Worker

What the Statistics Say About Remote Work

What the Statistics Say About Freelancers


Freelancing and the New World Order

You've probably noticed how dramatically the world has transformed. This transformation has been described as “The New World Order.” In this new world, many people envision limited freedoms, a one world currency, diminished privacy, continuous wars, and unadulterated chaos around the globe. For example, the writer of the article The Hunger Games: A Glimpse at the Future? offers a grim view of our future existence.

Topics Include:

The Peril of the Masses

Freelancers Have the Advantage


Remote Working: What's Really In It For You?

Many businesses and their employees have been plunged into the teleworking paradigm because of the recent pandemic; and things have not been the same since. In fact, even before the pandemic, the freelance-remote working archetype had become so prevalent, that the U.S. designated August 16 as National Independent Worker Day. How's that for progress!

Topics Include:

You're the Boss

Work Technology and Non-Tradition

What the Statistics Reveal

Remote Work Pluses and Minuses - includes 13 subtitles


My blog offers a variety of topics with interesting content including a section titled: WritingLadyBug Extras! This section includes content about topics I don't usually write about like: I Love Matcha Tea...But I Do Cheat and 10 Ways To Better Understand Different Cultures Through Bad Luck Superstitions.

Browse through my blog, have fun reading, make a comment, or contact me if you have any questions. CIAO..!!

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