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Hi, my name is DebD. I created WritingLadyBug (WLB) as a vehicle to extend my joy of writing to the many companies and individuals around the world who require my services. Luckily, there is a high demand for online content and many online websites and blogs look for external writing assistance. The high demand for online writing services is exploding! In order to stay current amongst the onslaught of cyber madness, companies and individuals look for writers like me.

With over 2,000 articles, blogs, e-books, product descriptions, guides, microcopy, and more under-my-belt, I help individuals and companies bring their content dreams to fruition. In fact, one of my clients increased their SEO ranking and monthly visitors by thousands due to my understanding of the importance of SEO content.

At this time, I consider my freelance business, which I began over seven years ago, more of a mom-and-pop operation. WritingLadyBug is quaint, simplistic, and authentic. For me, it’s all about my clients. With no third party distractions I can concentrate solely on the task at hand. This is not an indication that I’m not aware of the advantages of engaging in social media; nevertheless, I am aware of the disadvantages as well. Everything my clients need to know about me (like details about the more than 20 countries I've visited and other languages I speak), they are more than welcome to ask and I’m not shy about answering. Thanks for dropping by!


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